Eve Global Solutions General Terms 

Updated 7th June 2020  

General Terms and Conditions  

1. Ownership  

  1. Where artwork (including text or images) is provided by the client, the client declares ownership of appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions. The ownership of which remains with the client.  

  2. Artwork created by Eve Global Solutions on behalf of the client will remain property of The Eve Global Solutions charges to the client do not include release of design or source files created by Eve Global Solutions unless stated.  

  3. The client agrees that they grant permission to Eve Global Solutions to publish photographs and/or images of the work produced on social media,  websites and any other marketing material produced by Eve Global Solutions If you do not wish for this to occur please advise Eve Global Solutions of this prior to order placement.  

2. Order Placement 

  1. Orders are made when Eve Global Solutions receives full payment unless specifically agreed that a 50% deposit is sufficient to begin work. In this instance full payment is required prior to work being dispatched. Invoices will be dispatched prior to the expected completion of the job to allow for the processing of payment prior to release of goods.  

  2. By placing an order with Eve Global Solutions you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree with the policies laid out here. Please notify us prior to placing an order if you disagree with any of our policies. We reserve the right to alter these policies at any time for any reason.  

3. Delivery  

  1. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the postal service or couriers will deliver to the respective shipping location.  

  2. Estimated manufacturing and delivery times are:  

   i. Cutting: Minimum 4 Full Business Days from Order Payment Confirmation.  

   ii. Custom Design: Digital Proof within 2 Business Days with Fabrication up to 10 Business Days from Order Payment  

   iii. Delivery: Domestic 2-4 Business Days with some rural areas longer. Delivery times are in addition to manufacturing 


  1. We take great care when packaging our deliveries; any damage that occurs during transportation is not the responsibility of Eve Global Solutions If you wish to organize your own courier please advise. 

  2. Unless otherwise stated in writing delivery costs are not included in the price quoted. The client agrees that where it requests   

Eve Global Solutions to arrange delivery the client will pay the costs of delivery.  

4. Lead Times  

  1. Stated lead times are estimates based on current workloads and are subject to change without notice. Any delay caused by the client will  affect the delivery schedule.  

5. Design service inclusions  

  1. Standard design service includes two rounds of minor changes, as determined by Eve Global Solutions, as standard. Additional changes will incur a fee.  

6. Digital proof  

  1. Where a digital proof is provided in the form of a PDF, we require written acceptance of this proof in order to begin work. 

  2. The client understands that the information in this proof will be used as the source of truth from which the work will be produced, and overwrites any previous conversations over the phone, email or details in quotes and invoices. It is the sole responsibility of the client to check all details in the proof and provide approval for work to begin.  

  3. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all artwork, including copy, design, material, size and quantity is correct before approving the proof. Once the proof has been approved by the client, Eve Global Solutions does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in relation  to the proof, nor shall Eve Global Solutions be liable for any damages or loss as a result of those errors or omissions after the original proof has  been approved by the client. Eve Global Solutions cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies or errors noticed by the client after the client  has approved the proof/s. Any amendments made after approval and will incur extra charges.  

  4. With all orders, there are two digital proof versions provided. Further digital proof requirements will be charged at the current design fee rate.  

7. Order Cancellation and Returns  

  1. Cancellation of orders must be made via e-mail within 1 hour of payment confirmation received. If work has commenced, no refund will  be granted and the job will proceed. A partial refund may be granted if work has not yet commenced, all refunds are at the full discretion of Eve Global Solutions.  

  2. No returns are accepted for custom made designs.

8. Warranty  

  1. Eve Global Solutions do not accept liabilities for damage from abuse, exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and impacts (such as dropping  your item).  

  2. If warranty is agreed by Eve Global Solutions, full refund (including postage) or replacement will be provided.  

Laser Cutting Terms and Conditions  

1. Production & Materiality  

  1. Designs are cut exactly how they appear in the digital file. Eve Global Solutions accepts no responsibility for the success of the client’s design and  has no capacity to stop jobs during processing and contact the client regarding the job.  

  2. We will always check over your file and let you know if we notice any obvious issues however we do not accept responsibility for doing so and it is the responsibility of the client to provide correct and comprehensive design instructions for their particular project.  

  3. Eve Global Solutions are not responsible for ensuring that your design does not contain parts that will not cut or engrave well, fit together, be strong and/or comfortable to wear – these are design decisions that should be considered by the client.  

  4. Please order a sample first if you are unsure of the final result.  

  5. Please be aware that pieces that are very detailed can be fragile and should be designed accordingly. We provide a lot of file preparation advice on our website and advise clients to read this thoroughly to assist in successfully designing their laser cutting projects.  

  6. All materials perform differently when laser cut, some common performance notes:  

i. Boxboard and screenboard score and cut fine detail well; some burn marks will be present  

ii. Corrugated card does not engrave well, scoring can cut away the thin outer layer.  

iii. Perspex is cut and returned to you with protective layers intact, which prevents burn marks. Engraving creates frosted look,  scoring is subtle  

iv. We do our best to ensure minimal burn residue on the material is achieved, however the nature of laser cutting means there will be some burn marks on the edges and front and back faces. On timber products, this burn can be reduced with transfer tape or sanded post-cutting.  

  1. Warping of material can occur due to the application of heat during laser cutting  

  2. Application tape does not guarantee total prevention of burn marks or residue. Jobs will be delivered with application tape intact; Eve Global Solutions does not take responsibility for removal of tape. Delicate materials and thin cuts may infrequently be subject to breakage when  removing tape, customer discretion assumed.  

  3. When laser cutting or engraving materials that have been supplied to Eve Global Solutions by the client, Eve Global Solutions takes the utmost care to ensure that the cutting or engraving is completed as requested. From time to time imperfection, mis-cuts, mis-engraves and other unplanned disturbances may occur which negatively affect the outcome of the laser cutting or laser engraving process. In this instance the client understands that Eve Global Solutions are not responsible for replacing, undoing or otherwise rectifying the unplanned disturbance and to  this effect clients supply their own materials to Eve Global Solutions for processing at their own risk.  

  4. Stated lead times are estimates based on current workloads and are subject to change without notice. Any delay caused by the client will affect the delivery schedule.  

Contact Details:  

1. Phone: 6011-1118 5311  

2. Email: office@eveglobalsolutions.com