Company Background

As a service provider that has a strong focus on quality, we ensure all our products are completed with the highest level of accuracy. We focus on the precision cutting of complex geometries with close feature-to-feature positionings, such as small holes or narrow slot arrays with close tolerances. It can achieve a really fine level of cutting detail on with a wide variety of materials.


Beyond that, we also have our in-house maintenance technicians to virtually eliminate downtime. Our professional and technical processes not only help you save time and money, it also offers additional advantages. We can fulfil all your sheet metal folding needs as well as all your laser cutting and laser profiling requirements from planning, drawing, and cutting until finishing. EGS helps our customers to drive cutting productivity, offer distinguished user experiences and create new growth opportunities.

Eve Global Solutions is a one-stop interior design company that provides a full gamut of services, ranging from Malaysia project management, interior design, design consultant, colouring work (Powder Coated & Chrome), and others. We are constantly mindful of our commitment to quality workmanship regardless of the project size.


Our Focus is to provide good quality, affordable and after-sales service.

Our dedicated staffs of machine operators, CAD programmers, material handlers and experienced sales professionals will ensure our customers enjoy quality cutting services and on-time delivery.

Vision & Mission


Be Professional: To be the leading of sheet metal Product Manufacturers & suppliers committed to bringing the best possible laser-cutting technology



We aim to create beautifully designed and premium build quality laser cutting of sheet metal and to be the Leader in Malaysia’s LaserCutting market.

About Us

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